Learning to Shoot with an Air Rifle

On my 9th birthday almost a quarter century ago my dad decided I had earned the right to have my first rifle. Being Missouri natives, we sort of worshipped at the Mecca that was Bass Pro Shops’ world headquarters in Springfield, MO on a regular basis throughout the year. I scoured their catalogs circling items … Read more

What is 3 Gun Competition

Lately in the shooting sports it seems like everywhere I go I hear, “3 gun this, 3 gun that, Ole’ MacDonald had a 3 gun, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” I’ve enjoyed watching youtube clips and even glancing at competitions on the show occasionally, but only this past week did I decide to give it a go. … Read more

How to Buy a Gun Legally

Why Legally? Well whether or not I agree with state and federal gun law guidelines, they are the law and if you want to continue buying, collecting and shooting guns of all sorts for the rest of your life I’d suggest you abide by your local gun laws. They can easily be found by doing … Read more

What is Eye Relief on a Scope?

Another “shooter-ism” type term to be heard and found often at the range and in shooter circles is that of EYE RELIEF. It sounds like a sort of spa your eyeball goes to so it can get some rest from a hectic day staring at a computer screen. Or maybe it’s something you put over your eye that … Read more

What is Cheek Weld?

There are a lot of terms in the shooting world (and especially the gun review world) that can be considered “isms.” An ISM is basically a word that is unique to that particular field of expertise. When we get comfortable in a certain environment we start using ISMS that are well defined and understood to … Read more

How to Disassemble an AK-47

Right now with the broken wrist, it’s been a pain to do my own hands-on videos. I’ve been wanting to do a “How to Disassemble” an AK-47 type video for the Building an AK-47 series for a while, and I’m tired of waiting to get this cast off. I can do a complete disassembly and … Read more

What is Plinking?

With several rimfire related reviews coming up in the near weeks, I thought I’d throw out a few thoughts about the fast dying art of “PLINKING.” The word “plinking” is often (or WAS often) used in shooting circles to describe a practice most often done with rimfire guns. When I was growing up with a .22 or … Read more