Castle Doctrine

A number of states have enacted the 'Castle' Doctrine within their state law.  Not every law enacted includes all the same provisions.  Check with your own state statues on the provisions within your law.

The duty to 'retreat' has been eliminated in the majority of these new laws.  Only some states in the North East still have this provision.  If you are attacked in your own home, you 'must' retreat before any self-defense action is allowed.  The 'Castle' provisions eliminate this requirement. 

The 'Castle' Doctrine stipulates that your home is your 'castle'.  Anyone who has not been invited into your 'castle' or is not a member of the family, is subject to any degree of force in order to protect the household.  Please note that the writer of this section is NOT an attorney and this information is not and should not be interped as legal advice.  Contact an attorney in your home state for council on this subject [thought it best to write this before all the attorneys reading this short article decide to pounce on me at the same time.]

This video includes a Texas attorney who does a good job in explaining the 'Castle' Doctrine. 

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