It is the responsibility of every Alabma Pistol Permit Holder, to know the rules and regulations in ANY state
when you travel with your pistol. 
The Alabama Pistol Permit Travel Guide © helps you to meet this task.

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Here is what is included in this publication:

Section I:     This section lists all the states that honor the Alabama Pistol Permit and the codes and regulations you
                    face in  each state.  It also tells you the type of carry allowed in each state [I.e. Concealed, Open, or both]. And,
                    it lets you know if you can enter a 'restaurant' that sells alcohol (you know you can't drink when you are carrying your pistol).

Section II
:    This section lists the states that do not honor the Alabama Pistol Permit, and how to transport your pistol in 
                    each state.  If the state has an 'open' carry law, it tells you.  And, your Alabama codes are also included in this section.

Don't get caught any place without knowing the rules and regulations on carrying your pistol. 

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If you have been issued an Alabama Pistol Permit, you need this publication because when you leave Alabma,
you are subject to the laws and regulations in every state you tote your pistol. 

The Alabama Pistol Permit Travel Guide is endorsed by the Alabama Sheriff's Association.

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