Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit Belt ID Case

There have been some bad incidents when a Permit Holder tried to show their Concealed Weapon Permit. This usually occurs if the person keeps their permit in their wallet. Police are over cautious when they know there is a pistol involved. This is because so many of them have been hurt or killed during traffic stops. When a person keeps their permit in their wallet, they must get their wallet from their pants pocket, then search for their permit. There is always the possibility that when your hands are not visible, you might be trying to draw a pistol. This may have been what happened in the case of Philando Castile who was shot and killed when he tried to show his CCW Permit (story). There is a much better way, and prevents a problem.

We have produced an ID Case that fits on your belt. Inside is a space on the top for the Concealed Weapon Permit, and a space at the bottom for a Driver's License. Your hands are always visible. There is no chance that any Officer might think you are reaching for your pistol. This is because you just pull the flap open, to show your Driver's License and Concealed Weapon Permit. In order that the ID Case stays on your belt, there is a leather strap that your belt fits through, and brass rivets that keep the ID Case held to your belt. The best way to show others your Concealed Weapon Permit. Want to give the Officer your Driver's License and Concealed Weapon Permit, just take them out of the ID Case and hand them to the Officer. [Look at the ID Case below]

ID Case Closed

ID Case Open


This ID Case can also be attached to a pocketbook strap. No digging into your pocketbook to locate these documents. Just pull the front flap, and your Concealed Weapon Permit and Driver's License can be seen immediately. Again, your hands are always visible. Your carrying a Lethal Weapon, and need to be able to identify yourself as a person who has been issued the authorization to carry a Lethal Weapon. This ID Case also helps during a:

  • Shooting incident. Pull the flap down to show you are authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon. When the Police arrive on the scene, they can see your Pistol Permit immediately, and your hands are visible.
  • During an 'active' shooter incident. Pull the flap down to show your Pistol Permit, so others can see that you are NOT the active shooter.
  • Anytime you want to be identified as being authorized to carry a Lethal weapon.

  • This ID Case is the most beneficial way you can show your identification while keeping your hands visible all the time

    Only $ 10.00 & it might keep you alive.

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