Why Do I Carry a Knife?

“Why do you carry a knife?” or “Do you REALLY need a knife?” are some of several questions I routinely get asked by many people.

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Why do you carry a knife?
Have you ever given it much thought?

I’ve been known as being the “knife guy” by family, friends, coworkers, and to some extent online. It’s become part of my persona so I’ve just embraced it, but I do actually have reasons for carrying a knife or knives.

Because I can. OK, so that’s not the greatest reason, but I like doing so and it is legal so I do.

A knife is pretty much the quintessential tool of man. It has been used for thousands of years as a daily tool by most cultures and will remain a part of daily life for as long as is foreseeable.  It is used in the kitchen, camping, fishing, hunting, multiple vocations use a blade daily, and as a weapon even in today’s modern era. It is an invaluable tool that I have used more times than I can count. I’ve even performed a small operation on my hand back in the day with a knife. (Fun times)

Tradition. Men have traditionally carried knives and I feel that is a way that I can connect with other men from ages past as well as the contemporary man. Ladies, I think that it is also a great idea for you to carry knives as well. In fact, I make sure that my wife has useful blades in her car and she will often carry a small knife in her purse in addition to a pistol.

Safety is a great reason for carrying a knife. I read a story awhile back about a kid burning in a car because no one could remove the seat belt. If someone had a knife, the story would have been much different. I am not Wolverine and I am not necessarily trying to be a hero. I just want to be ready if the need ever arises in my presence.

Self Defense is important to me. I know that many smart people will argue that the odds of me using a blade in self defense are pretty low, and they may be right. I just want to have every opportunity and tool to maximize the potential of me saving my family or my own life in a violent encounter. If the need arises, of course I will attempt to use my Glock 23c (or one of my other concealed carry pistols) to preserve life and limb, but I can’t say exactly how a situation will play out. I want the option of a knife in case of an event that makes my pistol nonviable. That being said, I have been to venues where a pistol was not allowed, but a knife was. If one was following the rules, then a knife would be the best option for self defense.

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Knives are super cool. I find steel pretty awesome. I call myself a collector and maybe a hoarder would be a more accurate description, but to me there is just something cool about knives in general. Whether they are classics or something more modern, knives have a certain appeal to me. Some people knit, some people collect stamps, and some are addicted to knives. I’ve embraced it and most people who know me would be absolutely shocked if I didn’t have a couple knives on me.

Why do I carry a knife? Those are some reasons that randomly came to mind. Some people may have better reasons, but those are some of mine.

Why do YOU carry a knife?

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