The state of Vermont does not require any license or permit to carry a firearm by law abiding citizens.  However, the state of Vermont does not issue a resident license or permit.  Because of this, residents of Vermont who travel outside of their resident state must obtain a non-resident license or permit from some other state, to be able to carry a firearm.  This does not apply to the state of Alaska that has a similar law allowing any law abiding citizen to carry a firearm.

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If you are a resident of Vermont and would like to obtain a non-resident license or permit from another state to carry a firearm, here are the states that offer a non-resident license or permit [in some states you must first have a resident license or permit, some states you do not need a resident license or permit].  Contact the regulatory agency for each state to obtain additional information:


New Hampshire

New Jersey  




Virginia Link  

Oregon issues a non-resident permit but only if you possess a resident permit from your home state.

June 2006