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Print a wallet card showing the states that honor the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.

Tennessee Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch

"Let me see your drivers license & handgun permit."

Why have a seperate location for your handgun pemit
When A law enforcement officer asks for your hangun permit, you should not have to dig into your wallet or purse to get it.  This is important if you are stopped at 2:00 a.m. for a traffic violation.  You just hand over your Tennessee Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch that has your permit and your license in it.  The officer might ask you to remove your permit or license from the pouch, but you did not have to dig into a pocket or purse to give the permit to him.

Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch with Metal ID Plate on Leather.





The ID Pouch contains your handgun permit behind plastic so it can be seen immediately.  There is another pocket behind the permit to keep your drivers license or other important documents.

Your Tennessee Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch also comes with two some cards we put in each I.D. Pouch. 
  • One is a reference card that lists all the states that honor the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit. 
  • The other card has informatin for a law enforcment officer about you incase you have been in a        self-defense shooting incident and don't want to make a statement.  This card includes information that the officer needs to start his incident report.  It does not conatin any information about the shooting incident.  It tells the officer that because of the 'stress' you are under, you prefer to not to make any statement at this time.
  • The 3rd card is a medical card incase you have been hurt and can't speak.  It tells EMS what medications your on so they can treat you properly.
  • A weapon card that lists your primarhy & secondary pistols with their serial numbers if they have been stolen on the street, from your vehicle, or any place.

    When the law arrives, you holster your handgun, raise your hands up with the ID Pouch towards the law enforcement officer.  Whatever they say, you comply with but; you keep the I.D. Pouch raised in the air towards them.

 The cost of this special Tennessee Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch is $ 20.00. 

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 "This is a beneficial product.  Not haveing to dig into pockets or a wallet to get the handgun permit is a good idea.  The reflective material   adds to  immediate identification.  This is a good idea."
Sheriff Tom Wall
Dickson County, Tennessee


Received my TN Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch.  Was skeptical because I never ordered anything over the Internet.  Very happy.
Thanks, John, Memphis, TN


I really like my Handgun Permit I.D. Pouch.  I have attached it to my purse.  Much better than trying to dig my permit out of my wallet.
Thank you,
Betty W. Cookeville, TN


As a police officer, I am glad to see an alternative being offered instead of the permit holder badges.  Hope this product gets a lot of business from handgun permit holders.
P.D. Officer, Shelby County

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