"No script, and off the cuff.  I think it was a good job by the officer to give a straight talk about an armed traffic stop. 

Hands on the steering column was a good idea.  I was told by my instructor to place my hands out the window.  When I did that, the officer had a gun pointed at me because he thought I was a felon because that is the way they handle a felony stop.  Good information from the Police Officer in this video, bad advise from my instructor.  Thanks"
Sam G. Ashville, NC
"Some officers will ask for the weapon and some will not.  This officer wanted to control the weapon during his interview.  Some might say this is too controlling. As a Seargeant, he probably has seen his share of bad things.  He did not threaten or offend the armed citizen, he just handled the encounter his way."     
Dan J. Dallas, TX
"I live in Montgomery, Alabama and I always wondered about armed traffic stops.  This video helped me understand what to do."
Thanks, Ron

Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Travel Guide

Legally Armed Traffic Stop

If you are authorized to carry weapons, you should know how to react to a law enforcment officer when you are stopped for a traffic violation. Most Legally Armed People learn how to do this in the training they must undertake before their Carry License or Permit is issued. However, not every person is required to take training.

Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and other states have no training requirements.  In these states, Legally Armed Individuals are not told how to handle an armed traffic stop.  Because of this, made this video to show the correct protocol between an officer, and a Legally Armed Citizen.

Not everyone will agree with advising the officer they are armed.  Some states require it while others do not.  If you are a Legally Armed Citizen, you should consider this as a means of letting the officer know you are no threat and, you want him or her to be advised you are armed for both of your safety. 

NOTE:  If you are a thug who carries a gun, you don't have to follow these procedures.  In fact, you will probably not stop when the officer turns on their will try and get away as fast as you can & toss the gun out of the car. 

Law Enforcement Officers face situations like this every day.  This is why as a Legally Armed Citizen, you are being curteous to the Peace Officer by advising you are armed.  Try it and, you just might get out of the speeding ticket. 

Click here to start video.

We would like to thank the Mount Juliet Police Department
in Mount Juliet, Tennessee for their assitance with these videos.

Watch and listen to this veteran Police Officer, talk candidly about how a Legally Armed Citzen and a Police Officer should handle a traffic stop.  Takes a while to load.

Police Officer Video


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