Second Amendment
Travel Guide©

This Second Amendment Travel Guide includes all 50 states.
Unlike other travel guides, the Second Amendment Travel Guide, includes:

                                                       *  The laws & regulations in every state, for a person who has an active Carry License / Permit from any state.

                                                       *  The laws & regulations in every state, for a person who does not have a Carry License / Permit.

                                                       *  Every state page includes in alphabetical order, the states that are honored, and legal to carry in their state.

                                                       *  Provides the type of carry allowed in each state for individuals who are legal to carry in each state.

                                                       *  Provides states that allow Constitutional Carry in their state. 

                                                       *  Provides the information on how a pistol must be carried [open or concealed]or transported in a vehicle, in every state.

                                                       *  Provides the name, address, and telephone #, on every state page,  for their state regulatory agency.

This is the most comprehensive travel guide, for any person who carries a pistol in their vehicle for self-defense.

Only $10.00, it will provide the information & details on laws, for every state you travel with a pistol.



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