Legally Armed Seminar


This seminar is to instruct on areas that were not covered in your Permit Class.  This seminar is to present areas that have happened since 1999, the year the Tennessee Permit Law was enacted.  You will be exposed to:

  • How 'Open Carry' might cost you your life.  The example used is the Armed Robbery of a Liquor Store in Madison Tennessee.  One of the customers in the store was carring 'concealed' & was a Handgun Carry Permit Holder, because he carried 'concealed' he was able to take his time before he engaged the shooter.  If he was carrying in the 'open', he would have been shot immediately.  When he engaged the robber, it was a 'firefight'.  Every Handgun Permit Holder should be exposed to this incident.

  • How an 'announcement' can keep you out of jail!

  • How the proper documentation, will help you with the 'Rules Of Evidence' in Court.

  • How the above photo taken at the crime scene, helped the victom.  Learn why this could help you.

  • Laws & regulations for the states that honor the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit, & how some of these states have mandatory laws that if not followed, might cause you to loose your Tennesee Handgun Carry Permit.  

Attendees will receive $ 40.00 of important products for Legally Armed Citizens.   This seminar will expose you to areas that you never have thought of.  This seminar is sponsored by & other firms.  This seminar will give you 'documents' that can be used in a Court Trial, to show your exposure of critical areas that might hinder your defense without them.  Dates & Tennessee locations are below.  Seminar is 2 hours & the cost is $ 50.00.


" I wasen't sure what to expect.  When we went over the 'Brooklyn Drop' I had already learned more about self-defensive shootings than I had known till then.  Great seminar, and very informative.  If you have a Carry License, take the time to attend.  You will be informed from this seminar."
Brian T. Memphis, Tennessee

" I had heard of the Tuller Drill, but did not know the importance in a Trial.  This was the most imformative amount of material I have ever seen regarding self-defense, my Rights, especially what can happen after the shooting has happened.  Kennedy did a great job in presenting all this information.
Susan W. Nashville, TN

" I know about the law, but the documentation we all put todether during this seminar, regarding the 'Rules Of Evidance' made my eyes pop.  Very beneficial information and well worth the cost
Edward F. Franklin, TN

" Having all this information in a binder, is a great idea. I don't think I could have wrtten or memorized all the information in this Seminar. Great jpb."
Wilson P.
Hendersonville, TN

                     Location                                                                     Dates                                                                                    Tel. #
   Tennessee Gun Country, Clarksville                                   September 27 or 30                                                                 931-552-2118
                                                                                 27th: 1 to 3 PM     30th: 5 to 7 PM



All material & products will be received at the seminar.  Cancellation & refund two weeks prior to date.

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