Conceal Carry Meets Isis

It is time to make the USA stronger against the terror attacks that will happen from Isis.  We don't have enough Law Enforcement to engage these attacks.  How can the USA defend its boarders from these attacks?  With the assistance of Armed Citizens.  This publication goes through the steps we need to take.  Here is some the content in this publication:

                                                                                *  Why The USA Needs To Be Prepaired For This Threat. 
                                                                                *  Why More Citizens Need To Be Armed. 
                                                                                *  States Need To Make The Process Easier For Citizens To Be Armed. 
                                                                                * Concealed Carry Vs. Open Carry.  One Is Good, and One Is Dangerous.
                                                                                * Why Sight & Point Shooting Are Important.
                                                                                * Areas that Will Always Be Dangerous From An Isis Attack.
                                                                                * 'After Shooting Report', Included In Publication.
                                                                                * The Laws Need To Be On The Side Of Our Armed Citizens. 

You can help in the attacks that will be here.  This publication will tell you how.

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