Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit Travel Guide © 2015

If you have been issued an Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit, you need to know about all the states that honor Colorado, and the states that don't honor Colorado. Why? So you can learn about the laws and regulations that affect you when you travel to any of these states. Searching the Internet will take time & lots of copy paper to get this information, or with an App on your Smart Phone, you will use a lot of battery, & it is hard to read when your traveling. Now, you can purchase a publication that has this information, and can fit in your glove box in your vehicle.

Here is what is in this publication:

* Alll the states that honor Colorado listed in alphabetical order.
* Each state page describes the type of carry allowed in the state.
* The rules & regulations that affect you when you enter each state.
* Can you enter a restaurant that sells alcohol while your armed, in each state.
* The Regulatory Agency for each state & their telephone #, if you want to ask them a question.
* States that don't honor Colorado, and how to transport your pistol thru the state, or if they allow Open Carry.
* Colorado codes and regulations are also included

Get your Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit Travel Guide.

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