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Is The Tennessee Handgun Permit Law, A "Concealed" Law?

    Most states that have enacted a permit or license law, have also mandated in the law that the handgun must be "concealed" when carried.  In some states like Kentucky, if a person carries "concealed", they must possess a Kentucky Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons [CCDW] license, or be a holder of a valid permit or license from a reciprocal state.    However, if a person carries in the "open" [visible], they do not have to have a permit or license to carry the gun.

    In the state of Tennessee, if a person carries a "loaded" handgun concealed or in the open, they must have a valid TN Handgun Permit, or a valid permit or license from a reciprocal state.  It is not mandated in the Tennessee Handgun Permit Law the mode of carry [I.e. open or concealed].    The majority of legally armed citizens in Tennessee carry their handgun in a concealed manner.



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