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What should you do when you are
Legally Armed and stopped by a
Law Enforcment Officer for a tarffic violation? 
Watch this video about this important subject.

Armed Traffic Stop Video
U.S.A.  Carry Statistics
CCW Statistics

Up-Dated on March
 21, 2013

Packing Heat
A publication for all
Legally Armed Citizens. 
Alabama Pistol Permit Fee
for every county in Alabama. 
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NOTE:  We are in the process of
up-dating all of the Alabama Sheriff data.  In the meantime, look at the
up-date information on the landing page when you clik on the Alabma Flag above.

South Carolina CWP Schools / County List
This is an on-going project.

Arkansas CCW Instructor List

Tennessee ' Certified' Handgun Permit Schools
Need a permit course, schools listed by county.
Click on target for school list.

Here is a 'coupon' you can use if you need to
take a Tennessee Handgun Permit Class.

Legally Armed Article Archives

U.S. Military Veterans can get a
CCW to carry in 27 states. 
PDF file that you can read or download.
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Handgun Talk Radio Show...Gene Kennedy & Bart Walker

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If you are involved in a self-defense incident, if you don't want to make a statement,
here is a card you can give to the L.E.O. on the scene.
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Article: Concealed Weapon Badge Alternative
Is Civil-Unrest Around the Corner?
"Dont' Talk To The Police". Video by A College Proffessor
Articles + additonal data and statistics

Lethal Force In Tennessee

Former New york detective sergeant Comments on NIU Shooting

Fake Badge Could Bring More Scrutiney on CCW Badges

Michigan Sees Fewer Gun Deaths With More Permits [Detroit Free Press]

Police Officer Speaks To Officers & Credits Legally Armed Citizens For Stopping Incidents

Truth Not Being Told About CCW In Michigan

Question:  In Tennessee does a 'gun-free' zone have to post a notice?

Kentucky Sheriff Indicted For Misrepresenting CCDW Training

The person who ended the attack in the Colorado church is a Colorado Concealed Weapon Holder.
Click here for more details

Sanctuaries For Terror

Officer goes over trafffic stop procedures


Interview with Butch Hill: audio


This page is dedicated to the men and women serving in the U.S. Military,
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